What are the techniques for using customized JIS flange products


Select the appropriate size: According to actual needs, select the appropriate size and material of customized JIS flange products to ensure compatibility with the connection of pipes and equipment, and meet the required working pressure and medium requirements.
Use the correct flange gasket: When installing the customized JIS flange products, use the correct flange gasket to ensure the sealing performance. According to the medium characteristics and pressure requirements, select the appropriate gasket material, such as rubber, metal, etc.customized JIS flange productsEnsure alignment of flange connections: When installing customized JIS flange products, ensure alignment and parallelism of flange connections. Use a spirit level or other measuring tool to check the levelness and perpendicularity of the flanges to avoid unnecessary stress concentrations or leaks.
Tighten the bolts evenly: When tightening the bolts of the customized JIS flange products, tighten the bolts evenly and alternately to ensure that the pressure between the flanges is evenly distributed. It is best to use a torque wrench or other appropriate tools to control the tightening force of the bolts and avoid over-tightening or over-loosening.
Regular inspection and maintenance: Regularly check the fastening state and sealing performance of customized JIS flange products. If looseness or leakage is found, retighten or replace the sealing gasket in time. At the same time, regularly clean and lubricate the flange connection, and pay attention to prevent external corrosion and damage.
Follow operating manuals and standards: When installing and using customized JIS flange products, follow relevant operating manuals and standards. Know the specifications and requirements of flanges to ensure proper installation and use and reduce the risk of failure and accidents.

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