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Address:151 Brunel Road ,Unit 4 Mississauga, ON ,  L4Z 2H6
Tel: 416 800 9632
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Cell phone : 647 882 7385
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Flangemart hydraulic Inc is a Canadian company, a professional SAE flange supplier located in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada.
Now all flange products of Flangemart hydraulic come from Eversong hydraulics Co., Ltd, which is the best manufacturer of SAE flange products in China, also is in the high level of SAE flange industry in the world.
For Eversong Hydraulics please visit: www.eversongflange.com or www.eversong.cn
Eversong hydraulics is also the base of the production of Flangemart hydraulic that would support Flangemart hydraulic to supply high quality SAE flange products to our customers in low cost and short delivery time.
Flangemart hydraulic will be your strong support for your fluid power solution with our products and service.
The products showed here are just regular products, we have more products and also produce according to customer requirement, please connect with us for detail, also ask for free catalouge.